Why Retail, Again?

This question is so funny to me, mainly because when I quit my last retail job I swore it off forever. (Like FOREVER!!!!!) Retail can be awful. You’re forced to sell items that fall apart in store on a regular basis to unsuspecting customers; customers are mean to you often for no reason at all; the pay isn’t worth it; and to top it all off you just have to take it, mean customers, cheap products, all of it. So, why retail, you ask? We want to change the standard.

As two people passionate about great interiors, we noticed a gap in the market both as the consumer and as employees of previous retailers.

We want to create a space where both the consumer and employees benefit from quality items and a unique environment. With CxD Home & Company being all online sales we avoid the pushy sales mentality. We are opening a showroom where local clients can feel, use and admire our products in a relaxed environment. Our showroom will not be a retail space instead we're opening a community space where anyone can come and work, enjoy a coffee and hang out. We will have all the products we sell displayed as decor and used for its intended purpose. When I buy an item, I want to know what I’m getting before I take it home. For this reason, you will be able to use the cups for water, the mugs for coffee and the plates for snacks, the towels to dry your hands (none of that non-absorbent nonsense) and maneuver items into the way you would use them before purchasing online. We will have an employee available in case you would like their help with the online order, but otherwise, you get to go home, order from your couch, and receive your items a few days later without the pushy sales people!

We hope to set a new standard in which both the employee and customer benefit equally. We have a strict no BS policy. We won’t be walked all over so leave your bad attitude at the door, drink a coffee and come hang out. All employees will have the right to end the lousy customer stigma. We want nothing but the best for both parties, and we want your day to improve in our space.

We look forward to serving you in whatever regard that may be, and we sincerely hope you join us for coffee in the Fall!