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What Do we do?

Construct x Design is a renovation and finishing company dedicated to making your reno dreams a reality. We are a husband and wife duo, and although we have been updating our house for three years, we started Construct x Design in 2016. We are passionate about making beautiful spaces and tackling the outdated by bringing it up to speed. Together we flip houses and design spaces that make living easy. We have a clear vision for both the company and its employees. We aspire to be a company full of integrity, thriving on kindness, and delivering professionalism and quality work. We appreciate family time and do our best to finish jobs quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy your new space and your family time with little interruption. We love what we do, and we can't wait to work with you.

Welcome to Construct x Design.  

Meet the team down below. 


Meet the Team behind Construct x Design


Wilson lin (Owner & Contractor) 

Wilson is the reason this company exists. He is driven, passionate and one of the most generous guys you will come across. He has a diploma in Interior Design from AI and is working on his Red Seal in carpentry. Wilson has an eye for detail and loves to make people laugh. Wilson does all of the contracting and project execution for Construct x Design while trying to reign in his wife's wild ideas. 


Marika Lin (Owner & Design Consultant)

Ever since Marika was a small child, she loved design, renovations and decor. She believes that it was because of her parents. They were & still are the DIY King & Queen in her mind. Marika remembers always having a project on the go as a child, so naturally stems her need to have an ongoing project as an adult. She does the design, decor, admin, and purchasing for Construct x Design and loves it.



Evan has always had a drive and knack for carpentry. From building tree-houses as a kid to building cabinets, clocks and houses in his teens; he's become a carpenter of many talents. Working in the construction industry over the past five years doing finishing, framing, timber-work, and furniture has helped him gain the knowledge and experience to create the space you've always dreamed of having.



Manoah learned at a young age that he enjoyed the hands-on experience more than he enjoyed book knowledge, he has a keen eye for detail and strives for perfection in every task he tackles. Manoah's first trade experience was in concrete where he had a hard time letting go of his perfectionism. Construct x Design provides the opportunity for detailed, fine finishing that he's always known he was cut out to do.



After four years of construction, fencing, and framing, Jeff joined Construct x Design to further his career in carpentry and interior finishing. Aside from direct experience, he brings unique skills that make him an asset to the industry. He attributes his musical inclination to his creativity in woodworking and his mastery of technical sound equipment to his attentiveness to detail. Jeff has also endured harsh conditions in the Yukon to become a wilderness guide, as being outdoors is a thriving passion of his. His appreciation of nature flows into his carpentry, and he finds reward in using his skill set to bring a client’s vision to fruition.



In his life, prior to Construct X Design, Jeremy worked as a carpenter building homes from the ground up. Having a father who was constantly renovating and expanding the homes of the Hansma family, Jeremy grew to love working with his hands and creating whatever he could imagine. He enjoys showcasing his creativity from drawing, to building furniture, and everything in between. Even though he is a big guy he has an eye for the smallest detail. He cares for the work that he does, and won’t stop until a project is finished just the way you want it.



Since Mitchell was a kid, he has always enjoyed working with his hands. He started in culinary, spent some time in the automotive industry, worked in lumber mills, and now he's in carpentry. Trades have always been his choice of work. Working with Construct x Design has given him the opportunity to learn so much and to appreciate the carpentry trade. Mitch brings a lot of positivity and energy into the workplace; you'll often hear him laughing on site. He is focused, reliable and fun to be around. Using all of the skills he has learned in the past, Mitch prides himself in a high standard for quality of work.


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 Photo by Laine Mostert. 

Photo by Laine Mostert.