Marriage is funny, I never pictured it the way it came about and I thought on my wedding day that I was the most in love I could and ever would be. I was very, extremely, most definitely wrong.

It is an adjustment learning to live together and always have the constant company. I didn't like it. I loved alone time, I got angry because Wilson wanted to hang around with me while I was doing my makeup, making food, getting a drink and going to the bathroom. I told him to leave me alone more times than I could count. Now I text him while he is at school, "when are you coming home? Can you leave early? maybe you should just come home and forget school?" I can't get enough time with the goof. 

I was so in love I maxed out - or so I thought. Every time I laugh with him I fall a little more in love, he kisses my head - more love. He cuddles up and I hope he never leaves. (Don't tell him that, though.) I really never thought my heart was capable of this feeling but I love it and I wouldnt change it for anything.