Home Towns

Growing up we moved around a lot, but the one thing that never changed was the town we lived in. It was always Courtenay, the same old little island town with no building over four stories high. I hated this place growing up; it felt like you couldn't escape it; now it's my escape. I felt trapped; you could call it island fever all though I didn't know anything different. It was the same people all the time; everyone knew you and if you wanted to shop you had to drive an hour and a half south to find a mall that wasn't just Zellars. Nanaimo was a special and rare adventure, but Vancouver was a dream. Until, I moved there. 

The mainland is fast-paced and exciting. There are so many things to do and seldom do you run into someone you know downtown. I love it, but I realize now how much I took for granted my island town. It is on the crazy, fast-paced, hectic days that I desire the island most. I can always count on Courtenay for relaxation and rest. I retreat to the island when I need a break. Hometowns are great for that, reminding you where you came from, allowing you rest and refreshing you. I love coming to this tiny town, but I also love returning to my home on the mainland and returning to normal life, crazy as it may be.