Snowy November day in Banff

Snowy November day in Banff

Is my house in desperate need of a deep clean? You bet your boots it does. Do I need a day of relaxation? Yes, please. Is it crazy to drive to Alberta for only a few hours? Absolutely; but in my short little life, however, I have learned that those things do not matter near as much as we think they do.

My house is an absolute disaster. I'm exhausted from working way more than I anticipated; but in two years in not going to remember that time I stayed home and cleaned my house and laid in bed a little longer. I am going to remember that crazy night we left home at 10pm and drove 9 hours to Alberta, to see Lake Louise, Banff and give our dog her first snow experience.

In life we get so caught up on being ahead and organized. We want our lives to look perfect but we also miss out on opportunity when we don't take the chance to do something wild (or stupid, depends how you view it). 

Lux's first snow experience. 

Lux's first snow experience. 

We ordered a pizza and set out on an adventure full of laughs, memories and amazing scenery. I don't ever regret the crazy decisions we make in life. As long as we are making memories in the process. That's what is important. Life is short, ditch the mop and do something crazy.

Good Intentions

People say that 'it's the thought that counts' and if that were true I would be up to date on my blog. I have had every intention of keeping up and wanting to write so badly, but I've had no time what so ever. Today, my plan was to blog, clean my house and get further on my crochet project, but here I am, 12 am and just finally sitting down to write; my house is spotless, though. I have come to the realization that while I can have really good intentions, it doesn't change anything. 

There are so many times in my life where I have thought about changing something, eating habits, workout habits, organize my house, throw out junk; but nothing changes if I don't put that plan into action. I find myself wishing more than doing. We call it good intentions. I have not found a solution to switching from good intentions to executing a plan, but when I do, I'll be back. For now, I will be working on better time management and figuring out how to better schedule blog posts. 

A Summer Above the Clouds // Part 2

Our second trip began in the Maldives. After almost 27 hours of flying, we finally arrived on a beautiful island of white sand and huts that sat in the very blue Indian Ocean. We were exhausted, and the only thing we wanted was a shower. When our room was ready that was the first thing we did; the second was sleep. We got ready for dinner and layed down for a moment that turned into hours. I will never be able to tell you how that first meal was, but I will say breakfast the next day was to die for. 

We spent ten days in the Maldives, enjoying food, the gym and more food. The problem with an all-inclusive resort is that you never stop eating. They also give you massages on the house that were incredible, and nothing will ever compare to that experience. Everything about the Maldives was like a dream but towards the end of the trip we were starting to get a little bit stir crazy and had mad island fever because there wasn't much to do. We played a riveting game of chess but other than that we mostly just hung out on our deck and in the water - which wasn't awful but slightly repetitive.

Everything about the Maldives is so beautiful. 

Everything about the Maldives is so beautiful. 

After the Maldives, we went to China to see Wilson's family and experience something out of the ordinary. We stayed first at a self-proclaimed five-star hotel that was cool but overpriced and full of cigarette smoke. We then moved to downtown Guangzhou, which was a little bit easier on the lungs for sure. 

From China, we took a train to Hong Kong where saw more of Wilson's family, shopped a little bit and went to Disneyland. Hong Kong was amazing, the air was a little bit cleaner and, therefore, didn't give me as much asthma and was easier to enjoy. We were only in Hong Kong for two days but we loved every second of it. 

After twenty days away from home and our dog we were more than happy to come back to Canada. 


You can learn a lot of things in life like how to tie your shoes, count to six, and skip a stone - those lessons might be easy. Learning to forgive might not be so much. Sometimes we let our hearts get in the way of potential by building walls and blocking people out, but that is not how we find rest and peace. Forgiveness is like spending money to make money; in order to move on with life forgiveness must happen. Whether that comes in the form of closure or the renewal of a relationship you must get yourself to a place where you can fully let go.

Forgiving doesn't always mean forgetting either but it does mean letting go of bitterness that can get deeply rooted in your heart. If your friend crashes your car you can forgive them, but you probably won't let them drive your car anytime soon. In the same way, if a friend breaks your heart you can forgive them but you won't be drop kicking your heart into their arms right away. It is okay to guard your heart, but it isn't okay to let your heart be hardened by bitterness. 

Forgiveness has never been an easy task for me, I would rather say "it's okay" and then be a hater for life. This year, however, especially in marriage, I have realized that that logic doesn't cut it in adulthood. For me, I don't think it will every be easy to forgive but I need to give myself and others a chance before things get out of control and we allow bitterness to grow.

Cut yourself some slack, we are all human. Forgive and move on, allow your heart to heal, and always give yourself the opportunity to grow. 

A Summer Above the Clouds // Part 1

We aren't great at photos, but we do get a good laugh here and there. 

We aren't great at photos, but we do get a good laugh here and there. 

Wilson and I spent a lot of time visiting places we've never been and making special memories in each and every one. Our marriage started with a trip to Hawaii where we got married (read the about the wedding here) and spent the first week as a married couple with our families and friends. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. We got to spend a week celebrating our wedding with the people we love most. 

We got married in Kona, Hawaii, and that is where we spent most of out time. We explored beaches like Mile 88,  Hapuna, and the pier, we went to the volcano park and over to Hilo, spent a lot of our time at the hotel, in the pool. We ate a lot at of burgers at Splashers Grill, on our wedding night, for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. We stayed in Waikoloa Village and spent a lot of time at the shops there.

Hawaii was amazing and there are few things I would change about our experience there. I have compiled a list of do's and dont's for our time in Hawaii that will hopefully help you in your travels. 

DO: Order food by the pool; go to Splashers; eat Kona Coffee ice cream; shop at the Queens Shops; go to the volcano, get Scandinavian Shave Ice; explore non-tourist locations (talk to a local and ask where to see turtles); go to the end of the world; splurge on a day bed for a pool day; use sunscreen (even if you're not prone to burns); buy $0.99 water; explore.


DON'T: spend everyday at the pool; book rental cars through third-party sites unless you're sure the rental place with honor your rental; forget water; forget sunscreen; get tattooed in a high tourism area (they change the price from person to person); waste your time. 

We learned from our mistakes and I hope you can too, sunscreen and water are the two most important things that will help you enjoy your time, but being there with the people you love most will also enhance your experience.