Summer Above the Clouds // part 2

Our second trip began in the Maldives. After almost 27 hours of flying, we finally arrived on a beautiful island of white sand and huts that sat in the very blue Indian Ocean. We were exhausted, and the only thing we wanted was a shower. When our room was ready that was the first thing we did; the second was sleep. We got ready for dinner and layed down for a moment that turned into hours. I will never be able to tell you how that first meal was, but I will say breakfast the next day was to die for. 

We spent ten days in the Maldives, enjoying food, the gym and more food. The problem with an all-inclusive resort is that you never stop eating. They also give you massages on the house that were incredible, and nothing will ever compare to that experience. Everything about the Maldives was like a dream but towards the end of the trip we were starting to get a little bit stir crazy and had mad island fever because there wasn't much to do. We played a riveting game of chess but other than that we mostly just hung out on our deck and in the water - which wasn't awful but repetitive.

After the Maldives, we went to China to see Wilson's family and experience something out of the ordinary. We stayed first at a self-proclaimed five-star hotel that was cool but overpriced and full of cigarette smoke. We then moved to downtown Guangzhou, which was a little bit easier on the lungs for sure. 

From China, we took a train to Hong Kong where saw more of Wilson's family, shopped a little bit and went to Disneyland. Hong Kong was amazing, the air was a little bit cleaner and, therefore, didn't give me as much asthma and was easier to enjoy. We were only in Hong Kong for two days but we loved every second of it. 

After twenty days away from home and our dog we were more than happy to come back to Canada.