In wedding planning, you will come across a few of contracts and it is crucial to keep them all. When Wilson and I canceled our wedding we had to cancel our vendors. Most of them were happy to oblige, but we had one that was not so much. 

We canceled our wedding six months in advance and most return policies are an average of three months prior although they can swing either way. Our venue was very forgiving and gave us a full refund within 24 hours. Refunds went the same for all except our catering. We sent them an email explaining the situation and that we wouldn't wouldn't need their services and at first they seemed happy to assist us. We waited a few weeks and still had no money back and no further word from them. Wilson sent an email and they were vague in their reply and still offered nothing. I looked a little further into the situation and found the contract we signed in our early correspondence. As it turns out, the company was stealing from us. Their contract stated that we could receive a full refund within 24 hours of cancellation and they were in violation of their contract. I was able to use their contract against them, along with social media and the threat of legal execution to get our money back but without the contract, I would have never known about my rights. 

Contracts protect both you and the vendor and it is imperative that you stick to them. Contracts are legal documents that must be adhered to by both parties otherwise someone suffers. In all walks of life, you will come across contracts but my wedding is the first time I came across a situation where I was glad I kept it around.