Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are one of my favourite types of wedding, but I might be a little bit bias. Check out Our Wedding for more details. With a destination wedding most, if not all, stress is eliminated because most places will plan everything for you. When we did ours, we planned it ourselves but that part wasn't hard either. The aspects that were difficult were upsetting people, cutting people out and having to sacrifice a lot of aspects included in a typical wedding. 

I highly recommend destination weddings because you can celebrate for longer with fewer people. It has become a trend these days to take your friends on your honeymoon as well so having a week long celebration was trendy. 

A lot of times we dream about destination weddings and how nice it would be to get married under a palm tree on the beach without the threat of rain. We often scare ourselves out of it based on other people's opinions. So much time is spent during wedding planning season trying to please everyone else. I spent more time thinking about what everyone else would think and if they would have fun. Along with if it was okay to get married in a barn than I did thinking about what I would like to do on MY day. Too often we make our wedding day about everyone else than we do ourselves when in actuality the day wouldn't be happening without you.

When we decided to change our wedding to Hawaii, we sat down and asked ourselves what was most important to us. Our decision was that telling each other how much we love the other and starting our marriage was what the day should be about. We upset a lot of people by moving the wedding, but we also had the respect and support of everyone who mattered to us. We were not able to take everyone we wanted to, but the group we did take was incredible. Before your change all your wedding plans you need to ask yourself what are the most important parts of a wedding, in your opinion and make a decision from there. There are a few things I would recommend considering before you change all of your plans. First, are your pre-existing bookings refundable. If not you will have an even bigger decision to make but most places are pretty good with refunds and are understanding about weddings. The second thing you need to evaluate is your budget if taking your wedding to a different country is completely out of your budget I would stick with your current plans. However, we found that it was cheaper to go to Hawaii, and we were even able to help a few people out. Thirdly, you need to analyze traditions. Is your family traditional in the sense of weddings and is that something you would like to carry on with? If your family isn't then all the power to you, sister. If your family is, and you don't want to be anymore, you need to have an honest and very loving conversation with your family and see where that goes. Fourth, timing - you need to think about who you will invite and think about how long it will take them to save for a trip like this. Wilson and I gave very little notice so we absorbed the extra costs to bring our families. Destination weddings are so fun and definitely recommended by me. I love the idea of not caring what others think about you but also in the same way think about the people closest to you might hope for.

No, I don't think you should plan your wedding for everyone around you but a sensitity to other's feelings is definitely an asset. Weddings are about celebration, joy and families growing and changing so try to be considerate but do what you feel is right. Celebrate your heart out but do it the way you want. 


Our Wedding

Wilson and I met doing a church internship and despite all the unconventional aspects of our relationship we never thought our wedding would be one. 

We had dated for four months before we got engaged, two before we started talking about getting married. We knew we were both meant to be together and desired nothing less either. So we went about our plans. We planned a venue, food, DJ, photographer; you name it - it was planned. My mom and I went down to see the venue you after I 'said yes' to the dress and everything started to fall into place. With six months to go before the wedding, I was an excited and blushing bride to be. I sent an email to the venue asking if we could get married under in a specific park but due to it being a public park we were unable to; so the venue fell through. In the midst of trying to find a new venue, Wilson and I, for some reason, however, started fighting and stressing out. We didn't know what the cause was but every time we talked about the wedding we would start to argue, and we couldn't agree on anything. The venue played a big part in the disagreements but also the stress and the waiting time. We had been engaged for six months already and there were another six to go.

A lot of situations played into the way the next months came about. It is always difficult to compensate for everyone's opinion, make it fun and enjoyable for everyone while still making it about you and your groom and on a budget too. Under all this pressure Wilson and I cracked. One night, after a few tears were shed, I joked about eloping. At that moment, we decided to move our wedding to Hawaii. We sat down, and we talked about what was most important to us about the wedding and our marriage. We came up with this list: family is there, on that day we get married and tell each other how much we love the other, the day is stress free, the day is fun, and we get to spend quality time with the people closest to us. We were excited, nervous and a little worried about what people might think but mostly we were relieved. It was a strange feeling but after thinking, praying, and parental consent, we booked tickets and hotel rooms. It worked out best that we do the wedding two months earlier.

There were a lot of people that disagreed with us but the ones that mattered supported us and were excited for us. We decided to fly with us to Hawaii our immediate family, photographers, and videographers and a few of our close friends. 

We got to Hawaii and our photographer, Laine, met us at the door with a huge hug and a "what can I do to help?". Never before have I ever appreciated those words more, that small conversation will forever be in my memory. My mind was going a million miles a minute, after all, I was getting married the next morning. Laine and I went to her room and built the bouquets together, a masterpiece if you ask me. 

Bridesmaid bouquets

Bridesmaid bouquets

The morning was quiet, filled with the sunshine and a fresh Hawaiian breeze. The girls got ready together and the boys did as well. Wilson and I did first look photos because the day was so casual we hadn't yet picked a spot to get married. After first look photos, the photographers and videographers looked for the perfect spot and when they found it, we walked over. We exchanged vows and rings, tears and laughs and we were married, not a hair turned gray. We took some photos and we ate some food, and we made a lot of memories. The day was exactly what we wanted it to be and I wouldn't have it any other way. Of course there were things leading up to our wedding that we would probably change, but the day was like a dream in a fairytale. 

My bouquet

Photography: Lesley Laine Photography - she's the best in the biz, in my opinion. Not only because she does great work but because she's an amazing person that really cares about her clients and always has their best interests in mind. We love you, Laine. 

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Catch our video here, we highly recommend these guys. They do amazing work as well, as you can see from our video there was a lot of emotion in our day and they captured all of it and edited out the messy parts. So thankful for these guys and the hard work they put in on our day. Also, a bonus is that they are our friends so they obviously made the day more fun. Thanks for coming along for the ride Lucas and Daniel. 

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And they all lived, happily ever after.