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About me

   Photo from Laine Mostert 


Photo from Laine Mostert 

My name is Marika Lin, I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island, I moved over to Surrey (Vancouver as all the out of towners call it) and met my husband Wilson. We got married a couple of times, but the official wedding day was May 16th, 2015. I have a lot of tattoos and no intention of stopping anytime soon. I also aspire to have a huge family with tons of kids and dogs. Lux is our golden retriever that you might see here and there, she's the gentle, and kind but will jump on you and try to show you her favourite toy if you enter our house. We also just added a bold new pup to our lives named Luca, he's a handful but we love him. 

I love shopping, but mostly for my house, I enjoy DIY projects and I think there is always room for improvement; especially when it comes to organization and decor. I am obsessed with the colour blue (Tiffany, to be exact) and if you find yourself in the home section of my blog you will see just how obsessed I really am. I love food so I will post a recipe, here and there, that I tried recently with all my side notes and comments on how it went. I also love to travel, I have a really tough time sitting still unless it's on an airplane to a new place I've yet to explore. Wilson and I are trying to explore Europe next, but I secretly want to go back to Asia. 

I have an insane love for weddings and parties. I enjoy hosting as many people as possible as many times a year as possible. Next to a wedding, my favourite party is the New Years Party my husband and I throw every year. I am already planning 2018's party. Planning events is something that comes naturally to me and I always welcome a challenge whether it's pulling together an event in two weeks or a wedding in two years. Through planning events in the past I have acquired a number of tips and tricks to help you out through all your planning experiences. Check them out here.

I started wedding and event planning because I wanted to share both my love for parties and my resources to help any one and everyone who wanted a planner, some stress relief, or make sure the nothing was missed. I am really looking forward to the opportunities and avenues that this will open up in the future. I look forward to hearing from you and creating an event that you will enjoy more than anything. 

The blog is more personal than anything. It is full of stories and experiences that have impacted my life in some way or another in hopes that in some way it could help someone else struggling with something similar. I make a ton of mistakes, usually more funny than anything, so hopefully you get a good chuckle out of the situations I get myself into. I love writing so here's hoping you enjoy reading.